9am – 11am

Full English: honey roast sausages, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, local free range fried eggs & white toast GFO £8.95
Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs & white or wholemeal toast GFO £9.25
Vegan bun: roasted tomatoes, mushrooms & vegan sausages VG £6.75
Bacon sandwich on white or wholemeal bread (with a fried egg £5.95) GFO £4.95
Sausage sandwich on white or wholemeal bread (with a fried egg £5.95) GFO £4.95
French toast & maple syrup (with bacon £7.75) £6.25
Toasted teacake & butter £1.60
Two pieces of white or wholemeal toast with butter & marmalade or strawberry jam GFO VGO £1.75
Extras; Hash browns GF VG £1.50
GF – Gluten Free  VG – Vegan

GFO – Gluten Free Option  VGO – Vegan Option